Getting Engaged is Like…

Many people don’t realize that the words “Will you marry me?” are another way of saying “There’s a storm coming.”  Getting engaged is like being hit by a hurricane because it’s always a lot more damaging and harder to endure than people expect.  Instead of rain and sleet, however, you’re pounded by questions and a tidal wave of decisions that need to be made.  It’s almost impossible to get engaged and not feel overwhelmed at some point.  It’s like that young guy who thinks it’ll be cool to tie himself to a tree to experience a hurricane head on.  He goes in thinking this will be great, but … [Read more...]

5 Tricks to Liking Your Job

One of the things I love about Universal Studios and Disney Parks is how friendly the staff is.  Everywhere I went they were quick to say hi, which helped me be friendlier in return.  After a week of this treatment I was in the habit of cheerfully greeting people myself and expecting a cheerful response... and that’s when I went to the airport; it’s not the same at the airport.  Airport security will not be winning a customer service award for friendliness on this side of prison: (me being cheerful) “Hi!” (airport security with look of annoyance) “Ugh.”  (me seeing another airport security … [Read more...]

Good Parenting

This week I had the privilege of going to the Universal and Disney Parks; they are all amazing places designed with wonderful creativity and impressive craftsmanship.  Of course, what really stood out to me, however, was seeing the contrast between good and bad parents.  I know not being a parent myself I need to be careful not to be too harsh in my judgements, but some things are blatantly bad; they’re so bad that someone as naive as me can see they’re bad.  One of the worst – and funny – things I kept seeing were parents pushing a large child in a stroller.  When I say “large” I mean LARGE … [Read more...]

The Importance of Learning

I have 3 Masters Degrees, which means one thing: I’ve forgotten a whole lot of information.  I’ve been blessed with a lot of education, but how much do I actually remember?  Maybe 1%, which means for every one hundred things I learned I remember one thing.  A ratio of 100:1 is not an encouraging statistic... the following has been provided to you by my grade nine math skills.  It could be argued that I remember more than I realize, and I just need the proper memory cues.  For instance, I was recently supply teaching a biology class and was surprised at how much I remembered about the parts of … [Read more...]

A Grad Speech You’ll Never Hear

The following is a high school graduation speech that is meant to actually be honest and not just the typical fluff and pander to make people feel good: Wow, look at you.  You are graduating high school.  It’s exciting... although I’m sure for some of you, your teachers are even more excited that you’re leaving than you are; some of you are not good people.  Either way it is exciting to be a graduate because you are now fully qualified to say, “Would you like to super size that?”  You’re also qualified to say, “Welcome to Walmart,” but you won’t be able to find a job doing this because a … [Read more...]

Said vs Heard

What is heard is sometimes very different than what is said.  For instance, the other night my girlfriend and I were out walking her dog when out of the silence she said, “I don’t want to be poor.”  This was a straightforward statement simply meant to share what was on her heart.  Of course, I don’t think many people would disagree with this idea: “What? Are you crazy?  How could you not want to be poor?  It’s sooooo cool!  I want to live on handouts while drowning in judgement.  That’s the sweet life.”  Her statement is definitely not a revolutionary one, and when she said it I should have … [Read more...]

Is this a Blessing?

The best question I’ve discovered to develop emotional health is: “Where is the good?”  This question helps remind us that there is good in all things, and being able to find the positive makes them easier to forgive and accept.  This week I discovered a new question: “Is this a blessing?” where the term ‘blessing’ is meant to describe something as a benefit rather than ordinary or a hindrance.  This question is very important for two main reasons.  First, if something is a blessing to you, you will treat it differently than if you see it as a curse.  For instance, if you view your spouse as a … [Read more...]

How Do You Live Your Life?

Whether you realize it or not, you live your life pursuing one of these four goals: fun, happiness, status, or survival (you’ll find more information on the difference between fun and happiness in last week’s article).   The good news is you get to choose how you live your life, which means you can change it when you don’t like how your current goal is working.  These four goals are defined as the following: Fun: Pursuing fun includes sticking to pleasurable activities and thrill seeking.  Pleasure experiences are everything from regularly buying fancy coffees and avoiding work.  The danger … [Read more...]

Fun vs. Happy

In your life you can choose to either pursue fun or happiness.  You can only choose one as your life goal because they are two very different pursuits that take you down two very different paths.  For instance, you can either live to be like Lindsay Lohan or the Dalai Lama.  Those are extreme examples, but they definitely point out the difference; one is about partying and the other is about contentment and peace.  Of course, whatever one you choose to pursue as your primary goal (whether consciously or subconsciously) will be what you feel the most while the other will be secondary and merely … [Read more...]

Losing Weight vs. Maintaining Weight

Two years ago my girlfriend went on her own to Australia for two months.  As much as I trusted her, let’s be honest, who can say no to an accent?  Even ugly people become sexy when they have an Australian accent.  For instance, what woman would find Hugh Jackman attractive if he didn’t have an accent?... That might be a bad example.  I can actually hear women screaming at me for suggesting he wasn’t attractive.  Not only was my girlfriend going to be surrounded by men with beautiful accents she’s also beautiful so the guys would be lining up to charm her.  How did I handle this?  I went on a … [Read more...]