7 Tips to Save Money, Part 2

7 More Tips to Save Money, Part 2 Several weeks ago I posted 7 Tips to Save Money, Part 1.  Before we get to this week’s list I would like to reiterate part one’s first tip because it’s especially helpful with Halloween coming up: Consider what you already own.  Instead of buying a costume, which can be ridiculous, consider what you have around your place.  Things like electrical tape are good to write words, toilet paper roles and egg cartons can be easily made into things, and old outfits and costumes you or family haven’t worn in years can be reworked.  For instance, this year I found … [Read more...]

Breaking Down an Argument

The other night I had the joys of fighting with my fiancé.  No, we didn’t need emotional Band Aids or a cover story for the bruising we caused because we’ve learned how to properly share our conflicting thoughts... but it still stinks; fighting stinks.  In every fight there are two sides.  This doesn’t mean one of you is right and the other is wrong; it just means you both see one side being right: your side.  In this fight Alyshia and I simply saw things differently.  The fight started when Alyshia half jokingly said, “When you die I’m so reading your journals.”  I have a strict no reading my … [Read more...]

Charlie the Chair (a story)

Being a chair is not easy.  Every chair is torn between wanting to be left alone and wanting to be sat on.  You see, the more a chair is used, the stronger it becomes, which is really good, but chairs don’t particularly like being sat on because... well, who wants a butt in their face, especially certain butts that like to make certain noises?  One day a convention center received a load of newly made chairs, which you now know are a load of chairs that need to be worked in so as to build their strength.  One chair in this group was Charlie.  Charlie was built like all of the other chairs, so … [Read more...]

The Grossest Thing to Happen to Me

*Warning this is gross in a real way Where I live has a cistern...  I live in the country, the real country; it’s not a suburbia house in a former farmer’s field kind of country.  In case you don’t know, a cistern is a big tank in the ground where my house’s tap water comes from.  The water gets in by rainwater from the eavestroughs and from a truck... it’s a water truck, and not just a pickup with water in the back splashing around.  Every year to two years we get the cistern cleaned... this is where the gross part begins.  The cleaner said he found 4 drowned animals: two rats and two … [Read more...]

My Proposal Story

Proposing is a magical experience... or at least it’s supposed to be.  My proposal? Not so magical, and I even proposed at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  I figured proposing there would make it doubly as magical... buutttt no.  According to math rules two positives can’t make a negative, but I somehow found a way.  I guess the proposal could be considered “magical”, but more in the Voldemort meets Darth Vader kind of way.  There was definitely some Jedi mind tricks happening as my self esteem was choked out.  I had originally decided to propose at Disney the year before in front of the castle with … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Save Money, Part 1

I’m cheap, and I’m proud.  My goal is to start a movement of being “cost efficient” in order to fight the overindulgent, overspending society in which we are engrossed.  Over the next few weeks we’re going to explore ways to be cheap because, at its best, it can reduce anxiety, help us lose weight and help increase our happiness.  Being cheap is awesome... or it can be.  I should point out that the title could be “7 Tips to be Cheap and NOT a Jerk.”  Some people are cheap, but they’re jerks.  Being cheap is not about screwing people over; it’s not about stealing (e.g. illegally downloading … [Read more...]

When Words Mean Nothing

This past week I had the privilege of hearing the words I long to hear, which is great... or should have been.  What happened is I ended up redoing the roof of the family shed.  Of course, we don’t have an ordinary shed. My dad built it, and it’s actually two sheds in one with a special roof, which looks great, but is a lot trickier than a normal roof to do.  When I was three quarters done my mom looked at my work and said to me, “It looks great; your dad would be proud of you.”  The next day my sister also looked at my work and said, “It looks great; dad would be proud of you.”  I should … [Read more...]

2 Embarrassing Moments

One of the best things I did on my LA mission’s trip is to go to homeless karaoke night... yes, this is a real thing.  A number of years ago a church, Los Angeles Central City Community Church of the Nazarene (yes, this is an incredibly long name for a church), in Skid Row, which is a highly populated homeless area in LA, wanted to do something special for the people there.  The church ended up setting up Wednesday night karaoke.  I was pretty skeptical at first: homeless karaoke night?  Fortunately, my judgemental side was shown up pretty hard because it was incredible to see how much hope … [Read more...]

Fan Expo: The best, worst day

I had been looking forward to this year’s Fan Expo since last year when I wasn’t able to go, and I tell you... it was... um... I’m glad I went, but I’m not.  I’m glad I have something to talk about, but it’s like after drinking too much: you’re not really sure if you should be happy you did it, but you can laugh about it.  Both experiences, Fan Expo and drinking too much start with good anticipation, but the big difference is during the experience, drinking – at least so I’ve been told since I don’t drink – is fun.  For many people the fun you have is so good it’s worth the hangover after.  … [Read more...]

You Can’t Save People

One of the toughest lessons I’ve had to learn is it’s not up to me to “save” people.  I don’t mean physically: (waiter) “That person is choking!” (me) “Oh well, screw’m; Not my problem.”  Of course, I’m going to help someone who is in trouble, but I mean it’s not up to me to make people live or act the way I think they should.  Ever have a friend make a decision where you’re thinking, “This isn’t going to end well”?  And I don’t just mean something small like when a friend goes through the ‘I’m going natural; screw deodorant’ phase, but on a bigger scale like “I’ll just try that illegal drug … [Read more...]