How would you respond?

This week I want to present three situations I recently experienced as a way to ask how you would respond: Today I was at a wedding reception at Michelangelo’s, and I had to run back to my car because I forgot my tooth brush... you know, a typical thing people forget to bring in with them to a … [Read more...]

Are you a parent or partner?

It is apparent that parents are not being parents but rather partners while, at the same time, parents are being more like parents to their partners instead of partnering, and apparently I like tongue twisters.  In case this first sentence was too confusing... I should’ve erased it, but I’m way … [Read more...]

Are your parents proud of you?

Do you ever wish that your mom was an alcoholic when she was pregnant with you?  I do because then I’d have an excuse for some of my problems.  If she at least did something to screw me up that’d be awesome because I could say something like “Yeah, I’m this way because my parents beat the stuffing … [Read more...]

Is it Luck or God?

This morning I was driving to a small country church where I was filling in for the normal pastor who was away, and while I was casually driving and talking to myself (I was rehearsing what I was going to say; I’m not my own best friend) I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw red and blue flashing … [Read more...]