Is it Luck or God?

This morning I was driving to a small country church where I was filling in for the normal pastor who was away, and while I was casually driving and talking to myself (I was rehearsing what I was going to say; I’m not my own best friend) I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw red and blue flashing … [Read more...]

A Truth About You

Today I had an ‘oohhhh’ moment.  Oprah calls them ‘aha’ moments, but my response is more ‘oohhhhhh’ because to me “aha” is more of an “Aha, I knew you were up to no good; started making trouble in my neighborhood.  I got in one little fight...” Sorry Fresh Prince flashback.   Plus, ‘oohhhhh’ is … [Read more...]

Do you have depression?

The other day I was carrying a slab of wood with nails in it and as I took a step down the edge of the wood bounced off the step and aggressively dug into my back.  The gross part was I could feel it as it pierced the skin and got lodged.  It was sharp enough to break through the skin, but blunt … [Read more...]